Who are we?

We’re a 3-man band, playing alt-hard rock, but we’re blazing our own path in music and creating a new sound. Our goal is to break barriers, spread joy and have fun. We wanna prove that anyone can do anything, because life is about living.


Pablo Navarro is the guitarist and vocalist for Teeth. With many years of experience, he's a natural talent and a master of composing melodies, as well as a songwriting and soloing prodigy. At only 15, he's already shaking up the local scene.


Dakarai Dove is the drummer for Teeth. After years of drumming experience playing jazz and other forms of music he joined up with Pablo and Eli to form Teeth, delving into a new genre of music not yet explored.


Eli Walchli is the bass player for Teeth, and the front-man of the band. He has years of experience playing multiple genres of music, and sometimes sings badly.